Growth Charts

Childhood Growth Monitoring

Accessing / Ordering Growth Charts

In 2014, province-wide implementation of the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group (CPEG) growth charts occurred. Since that time, new World Health Organization (WHO) Growth Charts for Canada Set 2 (WHO Set 2) have been developed. Both the CPEG and WHO Set 2 growth charts are based on WHO data. The WHO data for infants and preschool children (birth to 5 years) represents the gold standard for children's growth. This data is based on an international sample of healthy children raised using health promoting practices, including breastfeeding, nonsmoking households, and introduction of complementary foods when recommended.

The data for school-aged children and adolescents (5 to 19 years) is based on the best available data, collected before the rising obesity rates. Use of growth charts based on WHO data was determined after consultation with key stakeholders, including physicians, in a process led by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

Since the WHO Set 2 growth charts are now endorsed by the CPEG group, AHS has transitioned to use of WHO Set 2 growth charts as the standard growth charts for monitoring growth of children 0-19 years of age . CPEG growth charts may continue to be used within some electronic charting systems, until Connect Care (EPIC) is implemented across the Province.

A standardized provincial protocol and staff training materials have been adapted to include WHO Set 2 and CPEG growth chart information to support use of either growth chart in AHS and in family doctors’ offices.