Waiver Process

Safety Engineered Devices (SED)

In order to address legislative documentation requirements, the following procedure must be completed.

  • Complete the Use of Conventional Devices Waiver Request form. The form should be completed electronically and returned to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) at the email address provided below.

  • A completed Safety Engineered Device Hazard Assessment must accompany the waiver request form. If the applicant requires support in completing the hazard assessment, they may contact their WHS office for information. Each complete submission will be logged and tracked for quality assurance. A decision will be communicated to the originator. The originator is accountable for communicating the results of the decision to the affected departments/areas.

  • Incomplete submissions (i.e., missing or incomplete waiver or hazard assessment forms) will be returned to the originator and further consideration will be suspended pending resubmission of a completed package.

  • Waivers will be approved for a maximum of one year from review and waiver renewals must be submitted within 30 days of the waiver expiration. The originator will be responsible for ensuring the timeline is met.

  • The originator must keep a copy of the waiver in an accessible location in the event an Occupational Health and Safety Inspector requests the documentation.

  • Waivers may be suspended or revoked by WHS if it is discovered that the conventional device is being used for a non-approved application.

Quick Reference


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