Patient Experience

Patient & Family Advisor Resources

Patient & Family Advisors help us to understand the patient and family perspective and to ensure we can provide the best care possible. The following rescources are provided to help prepare you for your role:



Patient and Family Advisors: Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about the principles of patient and family centred care, the roles and responsibilities of a patient and family advisor, and why the role of a patient and family advisor is critical to successful and meaningful engagement.

Staff Liaisons: Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about who a staff liaison is, what a staff liaison does, and why the role of a staff liaison is critical to the success of patient and family advisors.

Meaningful Engagement

Learn about the concepts and theories related to meaningful engagement and how staff liaisons and patient and family advisors can work together on healthcare planning and solutions.

eLearning Modules, Videos and Webinars

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