Supervised Consumption Services

As part of a provincial response to the drug poisoning crisis, Alberta Health Services supports supervised consumption services as part of the addiction and mental health services continuum of care.

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What are supervised consumption services?

Supervised consumption services are part of a range of evidence-based services that support prevention, harm reduction and treatment for Albertans living with substance use challenges.

Supervised consumption services provide a place where people can use pre-obtained drugs in a monitored, hygienic environment to reduce harm from substance use. Clients receive medical care and are connected to recovery-oriented services such as substance use treatment and social supports.  

Do we need supervised consumption services?

In 2021, there were 180,521 visits from 6,554 individuals at SCS/OPS in Alberta.

Supervised consumption services, along with needle exchanges, naloxone, and opioid agonist therapy, help reduce harms from substance use, including HIV, Hepatitis C, bacterial infections, and adverse events from using substances.  

Supervised consumption services also work to connect clients to broader health and psychosocial supports. Staff support clients to access addiction and mental health services to support their treatment and recovery.

For more information on substance surveillance data including supervised consumption service use, and opioid poisonings and deaths, visit Substance Use Surveillance Data, Government of Alberta.

Why provide supervised consumption services?

Supervised consumption services provide a safe environment for people who use drugs. Supervised consumption services:

  • Reduce risk of accidental death from drug poisoning
  • Decrease transmission of diseases and infections through providing sterile drug use equipment
  • Connect people to broader health and social services, including substance use treatment and recovery-oriented supports

Supervised consumption services are a compassionate, comprehensive, and collaborative form of evidence-based care. Supervised consumption services provide options when clients are ready for change, connecting clients to recovery-oriented services and care.

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Supervised Consumption Services in Alberta

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