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Alberta Health Services eSIM Provincial Simulation Program

Provides training to Alberta Health Services staff using theatrical techniques, including actors and patient simulators (computerized mannequins), to recreate realistic scenarios they could expect to encounter in the real world.

Simulation is a training technique which enables learners to practice and master individual and team skills to improve patient safety and enhance the quality of care.

With simulation a range of scenarios can be practiced from road traumas, to situations in hospital or home care settings. It supports all types of learning from developing or enhancing technical skills to working as a member of a team to improving communication skills. Simulation also offers the opportunity to assess individuals within a safe environment without risk to the patient.

The eSIM program supports training for physicians and staff involved in the delivery of care to patients in Alberta using 2 primary services:

  • Simulation Practice Readiness Centres (PRCs)
    These training facilities are designed and equipped to recreate virtually any care environment and are located at multiple sites in Alberta
  • Mobile Simulation
    Specialized vehicles and a variety of portable equipment is used to support educators who do not have access to a PRC.

For more information about eSIM visit our website.

Contact Details

Peter Lougheed Centre

Location Info
Unit 24, eSIM Practice Readiness Centre
3500 26 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta
T1Y 6J4
Getting There

Parking available

Parking map

Hours of Operation

Weekend/evening training requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Service Providers May Include
clinical educators with simulation training, doctors, simulation consultants

This service is provided to Alberta Health Services staff and partners.

Service Access

This is an internal service of Alberta Health Services. Staff members should visit the eSIM site on Insite for more information.


There are no fees for service provided to Alberta Health Services staff, physicians, or volunteers. Fees are charged to agencies external to Alberta Health Services seeking the support of the Provincial Simulation Program.

Service Locations