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Alberta Healthy Living Program - Calgary Zone

The Alberta Healthy Living Program provides services to those living with chronic conditions in communities throughout Alberta.

Alberta Healthy Living Program (AHLP) services provided vary slightly from Zone to Zone. Services include information, education, techniques, and support to help improve your health and quality of life with a chronic condition. The program is based on a model that includes:
Health Education:
Disease-specific and general topics are offered in different formats and for different lengths of time. The free and interactive classes are led by health professionals or trained volunteers. Some classes are also offered in Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi. You do not need a chronic condition in order to attend.
Better Choices, Better Health - People take part in a free 6-week workshop. They gain confidence and learn the skills they need to live successful healthier lives, especially if they have any chronic conditions. Workshops are also offered in Cantonese and Punjabi. You do not need a chronic condition in order to attend. Support persons are also welcome to attend. We also offer self-management workshops on chronic pain. Better Choices Better Health
Exercise Program:
Supervised group exercises classes are monitored by health professionals. All group exercise classes are offered Monday-Friday during the day. One must be able to walk to participate. You need to have a chronic condition in order to be eligible for this program. This service is offered free of charge.
Specialty Care / Clinics:
One on One Nutrition Counselling - Registered Dietitians facilitate classes on heart healthy eating, healthy eating for diabetes, weight management and other chronic conditions. Individual appointments with a Registered Dietitian are available free of charge. All appointments are offered Monday-Friday during the day. 
For more information please visit our website: Alberta Healthy Living Program

Service Providers May Include
dietitians, educators, exercise specialists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists (OTs), physiotherapists (PTs), recreational therapists, respiratory therapists, social workers

Adults 18 years and older with a chronic disease or at risk of developing a chronic disease and able to participate in a group environment, and their families or caregivers. Eligibility for exercise programs requires that the participant have a chronic condition.

Service Access

No referral is required to access education classes, exercise classes, nutrition counselling or self-management workshops.

For more information, please call the AHLP 9HEALTH team at 403-943-2584.

Alberta Healthy Living - Calgary Zone Program Guide

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