Join an Advisory Council

Advisory Councils

Building a better health system with the voice of our community

Are you interested in making a difference to how healthcare services are delivered? Apply to become a volunteer on one of the Health Advisory Councils or Provincial Advisory Councils.

Why Become a Council Member?

You can:

  • hear ideas and suggestions from your neighbours, friends and communities about health services and areas of improvement
  • help AHS enhance care locally and province wide
  • play an important role in developing partnerships between our diverse communities and AHS

Our members:

  • are passionate about healthcare and service delivery
  • enjoy talking with and sharing information with community residents
  • have an interest in improving health and wellness in their community

Steps to Apply

If you are interested in applying to a:

Health Advisory Council

  1. Find the Health Advisory Council area you live in, view the AHS Zone & Health Advisory Council Map
  2. Learn more, visit
  3. Get Involved - Expression of Interest Form.

Apply Now

Provincial Advisory Council

  1. Learn more, visit
  2. Get Involved - Apply now. Expression of Interest Form.