Data Snapshot of Health and Healthcare Utilization in Alberta

These interactive data dashboards provide information on the health services Albertans use, the illnesses and conditions they’re diagnosed with, and the costs associated with those diagnoses. Many different sources of data from across the health system have gone into the creation of these dashboards.

The data helps to tell the story of healthcare across the province and provides a way to better understand the health system. This project reflects a broader movement within the province to make health data more accessible to the general public, and to researchers and analysts who are engaged in ways of improving healthcare. For more information about this project, see the Overview.



Explore the interactive dashboards to see how Albertans are accessing health care. Sample of the dashboard


This Data Snapshot of Health and Healthcare Utilization in Alberta is a demonstration project under a broader initiative called the Secondary Use Data Project (SUDP).

One of the goals of SUDP is to harness the wealth of health data that’s generated across the healthcare system and use it to foster research and quality improvements.

Data initially has a primary purpose that may relate to any of a variety of specific areas, such as patient care, finances or staffing. However, that information may also help researchers and analysts better understand things like health system performance, disease incidence, and a host of other important issues. When data is used in a way that differs from the original reason it was collected or created, it’s called secondary use data.

The data that’s been compiled into these dashboards is anonymous and aggregate. That means it contains no personally identifying health information that could be linked to individuals, and it was assembled from a variety of data sources into one cohesive whole.

Those sources include data from Hospital Admissions, Emergency/Urgent Care Centres, Outpatient Clinics, Physician Billing (Alberta Health), AHS financials, population counts and diagnosis categories.

SUDP is a joint initiative between Alberta Health Services, Alberta Innovates, the Alberta government (the ministries of Economic Development and Trade, and Health), and the Alberta Medical Association.