Role of the Official Administrator

On Nov. 17, 2022, Dr. John Cowell was appointed Official Administrator for Alberta Health Services (AHS) by the Minister of Health. In accordance with Section 11 of the Regional Health Authorities Act, the Official Administrator is responsible for the same governance oversight and decision-making functions as the former board.

The Official Administrator will have responsibility for the governance of AHS, working in partnership with Alberta Health to ensure all Albertans have access to high quality health services across the province. The Official Administrator is accountable to the Minister of Health and the Premier.

Dr. John Cowell Biography

John W. F. Cowell, M.D., has extensive experience as an executive leader in the fields of health and safety. He has served as Official Administrator for Alberta Health Services, Chief Executive Officer for the Health Quality Council of Alberta, and President and CEO of the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta.

Prior to these appointments, he held the position of Corporate Vice President with NOVA Corporation of Alberta, where he was responsible for health, safety, and environment. Dr. Cowell also taught for over 30 years as a Clinical Professor at the University of Calgary’s Department of Community Health Services, and has published numerous papers on injury prevention.

He focuses on ways of improving access to safety, suicide prevention, and mental health resources at the population level.


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Seventh Street Plaza
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