Population, Public and Indigenous Health
Strategic Clinical Network

The Population, Public & Indigenous Health Strategic Clinical Network provides the opportunity to place population health, public health and Aboriginal health in a strategic position thereby strengthening efforts to focus on promoting health across AHS including all SCNs (pan-SCN approach).

The PPIH SCN will engage with zone and provincial operations as well as external partners, community members, interest groups, municipalities, and community-based organizations.

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Network Members

Network Leadership

  • Senior Provincial Director
    Peter MacKinnon
  • Senior Medical Director, Indigenous Health
    Dr. Richard Musto
  • Senior Medical Director, Population & Public Health
    Dr. Laura McDougall
  • Executive Director, PPAH SCN
    Val Austen Wiebe
  • Scientific Director
    Dr. Debbie McNeil
  • Assistant Scientific Directors
    Dr. Ann Phillips, Indigenous Health
    Dr. Vineet Saini, Population and Public Health
  • Clinical Network Managers
    Wayne Labonte, Indigenous Health
    Elaine Belerbach, Population and Public Health
  • Senior Consultant
  • Administrative Assistant
    Andrea Gilbert

Core Membership

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News, Updates
  • Official Launch of the Population, Public and Indigenous Health SCN - May 9, 2016

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Projects, Priorities

The PPIH SCN will be positioned to strongly influence and advocate for the ongoing improvement of health focused on population, public and Indigenous health across SCNs and across AHS by sharing their unique knowledge and expertise and taking specific action on cross-cutting efforts.

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