For Innovators

AHS facilitates the development and implementation of innovations that promote health and well-being, improve efficiency, and help address needs in health care delivery, effectiveness and quality of care.

Innovation means improving ways of doing things. It can mean better quality and safety of care, better patient outcomes or experience, or greater productivity, efficiency or savings. Innovation can improve a device, a drug, a technique, a method, a system or a service.

Innovations can be adopted from outside AHS or they can be developed within. AHS encourages evidence-informed innovation development and helps introduce the innovation following established processes.

Proposed innovations are managed case by case, depending on project objectives, health care needs, priorities and other considerations specific to each innovation.

Before an innovation is adopted it undergoes an assessment, which has a number of goals:

Innovation Intake Form

As part of the initial assessment, innovators are asked to complete an innovation intake form, which will help guide, planning, and identify the right people and resources to help develop the innovation. For a copy of the form, contact us at