Nutrition Month 2017
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March is Nutrition Month! Our theme is: Find answers at

We brought together the information most often searched for by Albertans on the webpages. Click on resources below for more information and tips related these healthy eating topics.

Explore the website for additional tips, information, and recipes to help you make healthy eating choices. Happy Nutrition Month!

Cost may be something you think about every time you spend money on food. Find tips on how to get the most nutrition for your money.

Most Albertans don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit. Find strategies and recipes to help boost your intake. Research show that eating more vegetables and fruit can help reduce the risk of some cancers and chronic disease.

Eating healthy meals helps you to meet your nutrient needs including getting enough vitamins, minerals and fibre. Check out simple meal ideas and nutrient packed recipes.

The drinks you choose can affect your dental health, weight and overall health. Let us show you the best choices for healthy drinks.