President's Excellence Awards

Celebrating Outstanding Achievements

Congratulations to Our Nominees

Thanks to everyone who nominated a team or individual for this year’s President’s Excellence Awards. We received more than nominations that demonstrate exceptional collaboration, innovation and a commitment to quality improvement. The nominations are currently being reviewed and the finalists will be announced in the spring. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Nomination Period has Closed

The President’s Excellence Awards were developed as a demonstration of the President’s and CEOs personal commitment to recognize and celebrate the spectacular accomplishments of AHS staff, physicians and teams.

Award recipients will receive a certificate of acknowledgement, a pin and celebratory luncheon with the President and CEO and senior leaders. A one–time discretionary budget allocation will be provided to advance the work and enhance service that is being recognized.

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Patient & Family Centred Care

This award recognizes a clinical or non-clinical individual or team who has demonstrated excellence in providing, supporting or advancing a culture of patient- and family-centred care in a unit, site, program, or throughout AHS. The focus of the award is on an individual or team who has implemented an effective way for including patients and families as partners in their care and includes an emphasis on the humanity of health care – how we relate to the person inside the patient and to each other.

People Excellence

This award recognizes an individual and/or team who has demonstrated excellence in providing, supporting or advancing a culture where everyone feels safe, healthy, and valued, and can reach their full potential.

Innovation & Research Excellence

This award recognizes a team who demonstrates outstanding improvements to quality care, patient experience, patient or population health outcomes and/or health system performance through the successful introduction of an innovation or research project.

Quality Improvement

This award recognizes teams who have made evidence-based quality improvements in the health system which achieved improved health outcomes for patients and their families and/or organization or clinical effectiveness. Clinical and non-clinical teams that have implemented or redesigned a system issue, process or aspect of care which achieved exceptional improvements can be nominated for this award.

Distinguished Service

This award recognizes the extraordinary efforts and achievements of an individual who, with a combination of an extensive career and exceptional qualities and skills, has provided exceptional leadership and has fundamentally influenced continuous improvement, innovation and commitment to support positive change. This individual promotes diversity of people and ideas, work life balance, recognition and teamwork practices, models and inspires others to achieve excellence in their work.