Provincial Bariatric Resource Team (PBRT)

The obesity work historically performed by the PBRT has ended. The work of the PBRT included providing clinical support and leadership through weight management education, webinars, resources and tools and a consultation service that was accessible across the province.

The team also supported zone and provincial decision makers for initiatives related to weight management and chronic disease management.

This multidisciplinary team included:

  • clinical nurse specialists (adult and pediatric)
  • psychologists (adult and pediatric)
  • registered dietitians (adult and pediatric)
  • occupational therapist
  • physiotherapist

PBRT provided clinical support and leadership in several areas, including:

  • developing education, webinars, resources and tools for health professionals
  • consultations for health professionals
  • promoting evidence-informed practice (assessment, treatment and outcomes)
  • building consensus and consistency within weight management areas of practice
  • creating linkages and supporting weight management programs and stakeholders across the province
  • developing and supporting clinical pathways and referrals form processes

The definition of the term "bariatric" refers to the "branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity". It is a common misconception that the term bariatrics refers only to surgery as opposed to the spectrum of obesity and overweight management.