Community Paramedics

Community Paramedics: Delivering Healthcare Before Emergencies Begin

AHS Community Paramedics provide at risk patients immediate access to health care in the community by collaborating with available family and specialized physician services.

This new, innovative program is for patients with chronic health concerns that prevent them from accessing available health care services.

These specially trained paramedics, in consultation with physicians, bring a broad range of medical services to the home that prevents the need for an emergency department visit.

  • The program currently operates 365 days a year, 16 hours per day from 0600 to 2200 hours.
  • Builds on mobile care response skills and applies these skills in non-traditional environments.
  • Can reduce 911 calls and Emergency Department visits.


  • IMMEDIATE ASSESSMENT followed by physician-facilitated diagnosis and treatment.
  • ADVANCED ASSESSMENT such as respiratory, cardiac, or environmental.
  • ON SITE DIAGNOSTICS including specimen collection, ECGs, blood glucose, oxygen saturation and CO2 levels.
  • IMMEDIATE ON-SITE INTERVENTION including IV rehydration, pain management, suturing, medication administration and facilitated prescription orders.

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“The Community Paramedic Program has prevented many unnecessary emergency visits while providing advice, interventions and support to patients and their families.”
Dr. Asaph Ksienski, Hospitalist

“Collaboration with the Community Paramedic Program was an invaluable extension of the work our clinic normally does.”
Dr. Ian Scott, CCDMC

“The Community Paramedic service is reassuring for patients who need close monitoring if hospitalization is not yet an option.”
Dr. Jasbir Bedi, Family Physician