Continuing Care
Continuing Care Choices

What is Long Term Care?

  • seniorsLong-term care facilities are designed specifically for individuals with complex, unpredictable medical needs who require 24 hour on-site Registered Nurse assessment and/or treatment
  • Rooms in long-term care facilities are already furnished with a hospital bed, dresser and closet. You may move into a private room or share the room with another person. You are welcome and encouraged to bring small, special items from home to make your space your own.
  • Recreation staff offer many enjoyable recreation and leisure activities to help promote your wellness and independence
  • All direct and consultative health-care services are provided on site, including physician visits
  • You will be responsible for the cost of accommodation or rent in long-term care, as well as for any additional care or support services you request that are not already part of the care plan completed by your Case Manager

Who is Long Term Care For?

  • Long-term care beds are reserved for individuals who have highly complex and unpredictable health needs whose care cannot be safely provided in their own home or in supportive living
  • Long-term care may be right for you if you have:
    • Serious fluctuations in health status requiring immediate health professional assessment
    • A need for medication management and other treatments
    • Conditions requiring the continued presence of a Registered Nurse and the consultative availability of rehabilitation or dietary professionals
    • Unpredictable or unstable behaviour that places the individual or others at risk
    • Complex end of life care needs

Who Provides Care in Long Term Care?

  • Registered Nurses supervise your care, professional nursing services may be provided by Licensed Practical Nurses. There is 24 hour on-site (unscheduled and scheduled) personal care and support provided by Health Care Aides
  • Other health-care professionals are available depending on your assessed needs
  • Your family and other informal caregivers are important members of your care team and are welcome to participate in your care
  • Medical care is available from your family doctor

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