Continuing Care
Continuing Care Choices

What is a Seniors Lodge?

  • A group living setting that the individual chooses to live in
  • Lodges are privately run and vary in the level of service they provide
  • Offers social, leisure and recreational opportunities
  • Accommodation fee includes rental, meals and 24 hour staff onsite for safety (staff are not health care providers)
  • Additional services may be included or require an additional fee such as housekeeping, or personal laundry services

Who is a Seniors Lodge For?

  • Functionally independent individuals who are able to arrange, manage and direct their own care and be responsible for decisions about day-to-day activities
  • Most often individuals require basic services to maintain independence

Who Provides Care in a Seniors Lodge?

  • Assistance with personal and care needs in the lodge are scheduled and provided by Home Care
  • Physician appointments, laboratory testing and Pharmacy services are accessed in the community
  • Family and friends are encouraged to maintain close, supportive relationships and help with other needs such as transport to medical appointments, laundry, shopping, banking, etc.

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